Member Categories

Active Members

To be an active member of PCMS, you must:

  • Hold the degree of MD or DO from an approved teaching institution
  • Hold a license to practice Medicine in the State of Washington
  • Reside or practice in Pierce County or a neighboring county
  • Represent all material facts on the membership application in a truthful/honest manner
  • Be current on all dues and assessments

Physician Assistant Members

Physician assistant members must be licensed by the state and be employed and/or supervised by an active member of the Society.

Retired Members

A retired member is a physician or physician assistant who has been a member of the Society or of another component Society of the AMA, and has retired from the practice of medicine.

Associate Members

An associate member must possess all qualifications of active members except the license requirement. This includes a physician or physician assistant with the US armed forces, Public Health Service, or actively serving in federal, state or local government.

Medical Student, Intern, Resident Members

Medical students, interns, residents or other physicians in training in an appropriate institution are included in this membership category.

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